Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last Lights

R.I.P. Dominic Mallary, 1984-2008

Last Lights was a band from Worchester, Massachussetts. They played fast and very aggressive hardcore. They were one of the most talented hardcore band to have graced this world. At the end of 2007 they released their first album, a demo, wich has been my most played record so far in my life. I was stoked out of my mind on this band and when they finally released a 7" in 2008 i kept on playing and playing, knowing that this was one of the best bands ever and they were just getting started. In December 8th, 2008, lead singer Dominic Mallary suffered from a brain aneurysm due to complications from the show the night before and tragically passed away.
I feel guilty for uploading this but someone told me that this is what Dom would've wanted. To spread the music. Please buy the discography CD including the songs from the 7" and also 3 songs off a split 7" with Bad Habit and if you buy it you get an instrumental track as well. Please buy it. All the money is going to Dominics family.



kitt. said...


rip dom ):

Anonymous said...

The 3 unreleased songs were put out on a 7" split with Bad Habit from Maryland (Love and Rent etc...)