Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too stoked...

"AEROSOLS LP has been mastered and will go to press shortly along with LP's by both ARTS and GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD. VILE GASH is near completion of their incredible 10 song debut EP. Few words do justice to these important works.

We will have copies of the VACCINE 7" in the store shortly, don't sleep on this one.

Further down the road expect milestones by torchbearers RAW/NERVE and NAZI DUST."

holy shit.


Anonymous said...

fan vad jag måste köpa Aerosols och Vile Gash grejerna.. Läste att Nazi Dust ska släppa nytt också. GET PSYCHED!

/ V

Dawg. said...

Samma här. Kommer fan pissa ner mig när de släpps.