Friday, March 26, 2010

Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser is a hardcore/power violence band from Boston, MA. Slow breaks approach sludge and their faster parts look to grind your fucking head in.

Enslaved and Obliterated Demo '04
Demo '05 (fixed*)
Teenagers 7"

Tour Promo
Glacial Reign
The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7"
Conscious Unconscious



mikxxx said...

and demo '05 doesn't work. the format is damaged says the winrar program

Dawg. said...

ill fix it. uno momento, por favor. i dont know for sure what other bands he's in but i saw someone who looks JUST like him. i cant recall the band though. the name of the lookalike was dj podolski or something weird like that.

Dawg. said...

alright, ive re-zipped and re-uploaded the Demo.

Anonymous said...

dfj is involved with dead black, no tolerance, and innumerable forms. he was a session drummer for funebrum and drummed for mental, step forward, and righteous jams. he probably also does way more stuff i don't know about.

- a local

Anonymous said...

had no idea that teenagers 7'' exists.
thanks for that

Anonymous said...

I saw this band this summer; it was pretty funny. They were playing a basement show in a dilapidated part of the city and some local neighborhood people had wandered in to check out the party. One of the locals, no doubt impressed by the kick ass music, proceeded to try and pass a joint to the band, to which he received some very angry looks and icy cold shoulders. The singer then commented: "Our other band is militant straightedge, but since this is Mind Eraser, you guys can go ahead and smoke." I'm sure the neighborhood guy had no clue what the hell he was talking about, but I about lost it laughing. I found that exchange to be even more humorous later on as I realized that Mind Eraser play some fucking tripped out stoner music! No doubt my frame of mind was in no small part influenced by the numerous tokes I had taken from the aforementioned joint (and not to mention the copious amounts of cheap beer I had been drinking all night long), but by the end of the show I had realized that Mind Eraser are not a Straight-Edge band; they are a Stoned-Edge band. They play Psychedeledge music!