Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pulling Teeth - Funerary (+ rest of discography)

Pulling Teeth is a metallic hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. Those of you who don't know this band yet should truly be ashamed. You've been missing out badly. They are definately one of the best among the more well known hardcore bands to come out of the 00's. Reminds me a lot of Left For Dead with more metal to it.

This band keep progressing and I barely recognized them on the Delusions/Illusions album. On Funerary they keep progressing and I'd say they mix their earlier in the face sound with the newer melodic, atmospheric Sabbath sound. There are even a few songs with clean vocals which I have a bit of a hard time getting into. Otherwise this is great and I love the song Grudgeholder, especially, which was also featured on the split with Shin To Shin.

Here's their BRAND NEW album "Funerary" and everything else they released so far.


Demo (2005)
Vicious Skin 10" (2006)
Martyr Immortal (2007)
Sound & Fury 2K7 (live 2007)
Split w/ Frightener 7" (2007)
Witches Sabbath Vol. I-V 7"es (2007-2009)
Split w/ Bystorm (2008)
Paranoid Delusions/Paradise Illusions (2009)
Split w/ Shin To Shin 7" (2010)
Grey Saviour - Split w/ Irons (2011)
Funerary (2011)


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